Sustainabiloty and Social Value

Sustainability & Social Value

At Build Insight, we are dedicated to sustainability and social value practices across all aspects of our operations. As a Registered Building Control Approver, we understand the profound impact the built environment has on our planet and communities. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles guide our decisions.

We empower our clients to minimise their projects’ ecological footprints through expert consultation and innovative solutions. Our building inspectors bring extensive knowledge to construction sites, ensuring buildings meet the highest sustainability standards.

We also prioritise social responsibility and ethical governance. Build Insight cultivates a supportive workplace that values its people, providing opportunities for growth and work-life balance. Through local outreach initiatives, we strive to uplift the communities we serve.

Our commitment to ESG spans from executive leadership to our frontline team members. We are continuously exploring new ways to enhance our sustainable, people-centric approach while delivering an unparalleled level of service. Join us as we build a more resilient future, one project at a time.

We’re leading by example

We’re determined to reduce waste, fossil fuel use, and carbon emissions within our organisation and operations. Here are just a few of the initiatives we’ve put in place to ensure we practise what we preach.

Reuse, repurpose, revalue

Take hard hats, for example. Each hat has an expiry date, but rather than simply throwing the expired items away, we have them broken up into component parts and shredded into tiny 10mm flakes. The flakes are then separated according to their polymer type and washed, dried, melted, and filtered. The end result is pellets that are reused in manufacturing.

Achieve recognised environmental standards

Our ISO14001 environmental compliance certification covers critical elements including responsible procurement, more efficient use of resources, and reduction of waste. Additionally, our ISO9001 (quality) certification demonstrates that sustainability at Build Insight is championed by management, with a focus on customers and continual improvement.

Electric vehicle scheme

Through our innovative Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme, we empower our employees to make an eco-friendly transition to electric vehicles. This cost-effective program allows our team members to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric car while minimising their environmental impact. Whether it’s for site visits or daily commutes, our employees can contribute to cleaner air and reduce fossil fuel consumption, aligning their transportation choices with our company’s sustainable values. We believe that small steps taken collectively can create a significant and lasting impact on our planet.

We’re giving back – Social Value

Our people, our clients, and our communities give us our licence to operate – so they deserve our help, support, and expertise in return.

Annual charity partnership

Build Insight deeply commits to supporting charitable causes that align with our values and make a positive impact on our local communities. Each year, our team carefully selects one nonprofit organisation to become our primary charitable focus. For 2024, we are proudly supporting Herts Young Homeless, a vital organization dedicated to providing assistance and resources for homeless youth in the Hertfordshire region.

Employee volunteering

In addition to our annual charity partnership, we actively encourage our employees to make a difference through volunteering initiatives. Build Insight grants every team member two paid volunteer days annually, empowering them to donate their time and skills to causes they feel passionate about. Popular volunteer efforts include working with youth organisations, mentoring programs, and providing pro-bono consulting services to nonprofit entities.

Nurturing young people

We believe in investing in the next generation of talent and creating pathways for young people to thrive in rewarding careers. Build Insight has implemented robust apprenticeship and earn-and-learn programs, providing opportunities for hands-on training and skill development. Furthermore, we prioritise continuous professional growth for all our employees through comprehensive staff development initiatives. Our unwavering commitment to nurturing emerging professionals has earned us the prestigious Gold accreditation from The 5% Club, which recognises employers’ outstanding contributions to a socially mobile, prosperous, and cohesive nation.

Built Environment CPD

Through our marketing, social media, and online strategy, we use our experience to engage with professionals in the built environment. By providing educational CPD we aim to improve knowledge surrounding the building regulations. We offer guidance on choosing and engaging a building control service. We are proud to be a modern, approachable organisation that is ready to help all those who are grappling with building regulations in a time of considerable change.

Want to learn more?

Sustainability and social value are too important not to talk about, so if you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing to support compliant building practices please read our article on The Future Homes Standard